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How it works?

The Vasper™ System combines
Compressions, Liquid Cooling and Interval Training.


Vasper™ is a quick, 21-minute, low-impact workout that mimics the physiology of an intensive workout.

Vasper™ is based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, liquid cooling and interval training. The powerful synergy between these three elements is what creates the Vasper™ effect. Compression and cooling create the effect of a high intensity (anaerobic) exercise without the wear & tear, time, effort, or stress it takes to achieve the same results with conventional exercise. Most Vaspernauts report feeling rejuvenated and energized following their session with no delayed onset of muscle soreness. Vasper™ is more than powerful enough to act as a stand alone work out while being the most powerful compliment to any training or therapy regime.



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  • $200 Monthly Unlimited (3 month minimum commitment)

  • $40 single session

  • $160 5 pack

  • $280 10 pack

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