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Vasper for Rehabilitation & Recovery

At Vasper™, we believe that the best medicine doesn’t always come in a bottle. We believe in the body's extraordinary natural ability to heal itself. Amplify your body’s biological repair and recovery response with our accessible, sweat-free, and low-impact 21-minute workout sessions designed to help you heal faster. Research hospitals, physicians, physical therapists, injured athletes, and more are using Vasper with impressive results.


One of the reasons Vasper’s technology is revolutionary is that it delivers the benefits of anaerobic exercise to individuals dealing with injury, illness or condition. Vasper technology focuses on the science of rejuvenation through exercise and is specifically engineered to maximize the effect. Through naturally increasing the body’s production of anabolic hormones Vasper creates the physiology of vitality and healing and is a powerful complement to an existing rehabilitation regimen. Medical professionals who have their patients using Vasper are reporting incredible transformations and better outcomes earlier in the rehab process.



Customer Testimonials

Jayne Appel.jpeg

I have been fighting through injuries for quite some time.  Since starting this workout, I have noticed significant changes in the amount of pain that I feel.  I’ve had no inflammation in any joints and I no longer notice much knee pain at all, or aches in my foot or ankle.  This workout truly is helping my body to heal itself.

-Jayne Appel, WNBA All-Star

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