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How To Book


Do you have a Health Savings Account?

Did you know VASPER is an eligible expense, pay nothing out of pocket with an HSA.

…or text or call us toll free if any questions or to schedule 888-383-4014

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We use the Mind Body scheduling app for all appointments.


You can schedule by following this link and creating an account with basic information or if you have any trouble just text or call us toll free at 888-383-4014 and we’ll get you scheduled and answer any other questions!


After you’ve booked an appointment or contacted us, please arrive a few minutes before your appointment at Active Rehab Physical Therapy.  One of the therapists or health trainers will be there to greet you and show you around.  If it’s your first time, they will show you how to get set up on the machine and which program to use.  We have two machines that allow you to schedule individually or with your friend or fitness buddy.  There are several different settings based on your fitness level that we can program for you.  


We also have a dedicated physician consultant, physical therapist, and personal trainers to customize your training program.

A Vasper workout takes only 30 minutes to complete! In total, the session demands only 21 minutes of actual exercise.


As an example you warm up for 9 minutes at a low-to-moderate pace, followed by a series of high intensity sprint intervals with varying duration (30 to 60 seconds), followed by a 90-second recovery.


When your workout is complete you lie down, resting on a liquid cooled table for 10 minutes.

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