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Exercise is the most powerful thing we can do for our health. Our Vasper sessions allows users of almost all ages and physical abilities to efficiently achieve anaerobic exercise benefits, burn fat, build muscle, improve sleep quality, and reach hormonal balance. Regular Vasper sessions may curb the effects of diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, obesity and more. We plant the seeds of nutrition and active living.

When we exercise at a high intensity our body produces anabolic hormones. This is arguably the single most significant benefit of exercise. Vasper stimulates the same hormones that decline with age leading to systemic health gains across the whole body. Vasper enables anyone regardless of age or fitness level to mimic the physiology of an intensive workout and experience the same benefits without the same wear and tear and time of a typical workout.


Vasper delivers this benefit through a highly effective, safe, sustainable, low impact 21-minute workout. In addition to an increase in anabolic hormone levels, Vasper is shown to reduce stress hormones, specifically nighttime cortisol. This is why one of the most common and immediate benefits reported by Vasper users is a major improvement to sleep quality.



Customer Testimonials


Over the first 15 months of using [Vasper] more than 3x weekly, I’ve gained 6 pounds of muscle, lost 14 pounds of fat, increased my testosterone score from 379 to 697, and have enjoyed the most relaxed, energized, creative, and productive period of my life.  All of this at age 72… my success story has so far persuaded 30+ other Strategic Coach entrepreneurs to purchase their own Vasper.

-Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder, Strategic Coach

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