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Whether you’re an Olympic champion, a professional sports player, a cross-fit junkie, or fitness guru, Vasper™ can help you take your training to the next level.  Athletes, coaches and trainers are always looking for ways to get an edge–to train better, safer and faster to get better results in less time while avoiding the inflammation, muscle and tissue damage which comes with overtraining.

Hormones are fundamental to the way that our body performs and recovers. Vasper offers the most elegant and effective form of blood flow restriction training in the world. Adding Vasper to your training regime optimizes your hormone profile for better performance, more significant gains from the workload and a greatly expedited recovery. Performance and recovery are two sides of the same coin.


One side Vasper can be approached as an active recovery initiating anabolic hormone production to help heal and recover the body. On the other side having high levels of anabolic hormones and low levels of stress hormones is fundamental to achieving peak performance. Vasper’s low impact design ensures minimal joint and muscle loading enabling an athlete to use in season without adding any physical stress to the workload. Vasper is used by a rapidly growing number of professional athletes and organizations across the globe.



Customer Testimonials


I first started using Vasper a couple of years ago.  I was excited to try it out, and learn all about the technology behind the product.  Within 20 minutes of my first use, I had the endorphin rush that you can usually only feel after a much longer workout.  It helps with my recoveries after strenuous workouts on and off the ice during training.  I don’t feel as tired, I sleep much better and just feel so much healthier and stronger overall since beginning to use Vasper.  When I do Vasper before my workoutsI have some of my best workouts.  I can maybe compare it to a runner’s high.  It’s unbelievable.

Patrick Marleau, NHL, Olympic Gold Medalist

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